Value in Purity is focused on helping people, young and old, understand that their value comes from God, rather than from the overly sexualized culture in which they live. Our approach to this discussion is try to help young ladies understand that they were created as sexual beings and that sex is beautiful and wonderful, when it is kept in God’s plan, which is that we should wait for marriage.


Be careful what you ask of your friends! One evening during a Bible study, Sarah was sharing her burden for the girls in her middle school girls' Sunday School class. The world severely twists purity and modesty, and we wanted to approach the message in view of what God has done for us while having a fun evening. Sarah recruited Allison and Katrina to put together an overnight event featuring a talk on a life of purity and a fashion show. The weekend event sparked an idea: we could put on this even for more girls!

We shared our concept with friends and church leaders, but we weren't prepared for what would soon happen. About a year later, we were invited to put on an overnight event and fashion show at another church. God began to reveal a passion in each of us to bring the message of living a pure life out of one's identity in Christ. God was calling us to put on events, speak at conferences, and make this thing official.

In 2015, we formed Value in Purity as an official business. None of us dreamed we would ever start our own business, but here we were! We soon held a couple of speaking engagements for young ladies- one that took us 6 hours away on the road! - and continued dreaming for the future. God has brought us godly mentors and council along the way, encouraging us to ask God to increase what we do. In 2016, we began serious conversations of how God wants to expand our ministry. While our focus has been on young ladies, we have a passion to teach young men and women how to live out of their identity in Christ. We also recognize a need for parents and church leaders to be educated in teaching the next generation how to live a pure and holy life every day. It is our goal and our prayer that Value in Purity Conferences helps to equip everyone who interacts with VIP to live this life as Christ has called us to.


Rather than taking the approach of scaring young ladies into not having sex, for fear of STD, pregnancy, or out of fear of what others will think or do; we endeavor to help them understand God’s design. We want them to understand that God’s design is to protect us and that the gift of purity is about so much more than not having sex.

In our presentation, we teach that purity is about more than not having sex, but is about the way we dress, act, think, our attitude and behaviors. We want them to see their purity as something that is lifelong and that their virginity is a gift to be given, not something to be lost. We also teach about how to dress and act modestly.  We try to give them practical ways to shop and dress that they can take with them. As a hands-on experience, we have the girls participate in an immodest to modest fashion show where they have to start with an immodest outfit and figure out how to make it modest.

Most importantly, we want all young ladies to feel welcomed and to know that they are beautiful and loved by God, regardless of what choices they have made. We want to encourage those who have stayed on the path of purity, while offering grace and redemption to those who have fallen.