We are so glad you have found Value in Purity! Please take a few minutes to read our bios and learn a little bit about who we are and why we are so passionate about purity and educating young ladies about God's view of purity!

Allison Henry

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in the state of Kansas and have a B.A, in Psychology and an M.S. in Family Studies. Value in Purity has been an idea in my head since I was a teenager, wishing that someone would help me understand my own sexuality and struggles I was having.

My own struggles with sexuality began to manifest themselves around the age of 12. I felt disconnected from my family and got sucked into some friendships that exposed me to more sexual information than I was ready for. As a result, I began struggling with impure thoughts and dreams and began masturbating. Within a short period of time, I was sucked into a full blown addiction that would control my life, for most of my teen years. I did not feel comfortable talking to my parents about these struggles, and they attempted too late to open the door to communication.

As the “good church girl” I learned quickly how to wear a mask and not let anyone know of my struggles. I felt intense shame and that something was wrong with me because this was supposed to be a “guy’s problem.” Additionally, I skirted around pornography, never allowing myself to fully succumb, but tiptoeing near its edges. As I entered into my twenties and began to seek God more fervently, he opened up friendships to begin the healing process, but it has remained a temptation and battle, and every time I fell; I fell deeper and deeper into the trap. It was at the realization that I was watching pornographic movies, even if they were not labeled so, that I was able to get real with myself and with a support system and allow God full control and to break the chains of addiction in my life.

This struggle and temptation in my life and my desire to help young ladies and gentlemen to not fall into this sin is what drives my passion for Value in Purity. God is so faithful and provides a way out for us in every temptation. I pray that Value in Purity can be the way out for many young ladies and gentlemen.

Sarah Neufeld

I was born and raised by godly parents in Kansas City who early on sought to instill in me a hunger and thirst for the Word of God. I can't recall the exact time I prayed as a six year-old to ask Jesus to come into my heart, but I know that I wanted to please Jesus with every thought, word, and action. I attended Christian schools first grade through college graduation. I made good friends, good choices, and good morals. While I am grateful for my choices to be a good person, it was never enough. It may sound like I was the perfect, shy little girl on the outside, but I had my own set of internal problems. I became painfully aware that my shyness and lack of self-confidence led me to begin struggling with self-worth in junior high. I began comparing myself to the other girls around me instead of relying on what God thinks of me.

However, throughout my teen years, I was blessed to be surrounded by godly teachers, youth sponsors, and mentors. They taught me how I could be a leader in my own small sphere of influence, especially younger students. In college, I began co-teaching the junior high girls' Sunday School class at my church, which later expanded to more responsibilities as a youth worker to sponsor youth services, retreats, and mission trips. Loving on teens at church sparked the initial idea for an overnight event that eventually became Value in Purity Conferences. I love how God has brought together many of my passions and my talents in working with students.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts with a major in English in May 2010. From there, I accepted a student services position at a local private university. When I am away from work, I enjoy serving with my church's youth group, writing, cycling, Pinterest, embarking on adventures in the kitchen with new recipes, playing with my family's Labradoodle, and spending time with family and friends. Do I have it all together now? Not in the least. Starting Value in Purity has been a challenge for me. Exploring my freedom in Christ to live a life of purity in my spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional self is still a daily learning process. Yet I am anticipating an adventure that only our God can give to this group of friends as Value in Purity Conferences continues to grow.