When we chose the symbol of the diamond, we did so to represent the value and worth of a young woman. As beautiful and polished as showcased diamonds are, we realize they did not start out this way. Diamonds form while hidden deep in the earth under much pressure. Painstaking work went into the diamond before its unveiling: unearthing, cleaning, cutting, polishing. But someone had a plan to work with that diamond. Someone brought it from its messy state into a beautiful jewel.

Our lives so often relate to the initial diamond. Once we unearth the beautiful treasure – that we are created to be daughters of the King of Kings – we also discover that God wants to transform us into so much more than we could ever dream. But how?

Ladies, it is our prayer that you grasp how deep and how high the love of God is for you. VIP began because of our burden for young ladies just like you to own their status of daughters of the Almighty. We want to provide you with godly resources that we have found to be life-shaping: they bring clarity; they knock some of the dirt off; they penetrate to the heart of issues; they chip away at what shouldn’t belong. Being transformed into the one God created you to be is a life-long process. It involves choosing to live differently, learning from our mistakes, and waiting so much time. We hope these resources speak the Truth in a new way to you and spark discussions. We are called to live lives of purity and to encourage each other with the hope of Christ our Lord.

Ladies! Welcome to Value in Purity!