Gentlemen, while our main focus has been ministering to young ladies, we recognize the importance of including you in this conversation. Gentlemen, you also must find your Identity in Christ.  As women in Christ, we want to call you also to enter the life of purity. The Bible invites us to encourage and support the body of believers, and we extend the encouragement and support of our ministry to you. As men, you have power and importance granted to you by God. The world around you stifles your God-given identity. We want to call out the Man of God inside of each of you.
This page is devoted to offering encouragement and resources to you. We believe there is immeasurable value in connecting you as young men to other godly men who can mentor you and support you. We are so glad you are choosing to be part of Men Valuing Purity!


Gentlemen! Welcome to Value in Purity!